Where are your kegs manufactured?

All our kegs are 100% manufactured in Germany – using the highest quality steel and latest technology. Our kegs are not made in China.


Are your kegs pickled and passivated?

Yes, all kegs come pickled and passivated on the interior and exterior of the keg.

What size breweries do you lease to?

We work with breweries of all sizes; our goal is to lower upfront capital expenditure so you can focus on growing your operations. We grow with you.

Can I add to my leased keg float at any time?

Yes, at any point you can add to your leased keg float.

Can I buy out a partial amount of my keg float with North Keg?

Yes, you’re able to buy out any desired amount of your keg float after the first year.

Are the kegs compatible with common keg tracking software platforms?

Yes, every keg comes with a laser etched 2D matrix code as well as serial numbers for efficient keg tracking and compatibility with all major keg tracking software.

Do we get to choose our silk screen colour?

Yes, we can match specific colours if you’re able to provide either your Hex or RGB colour code.

Do you lease any kegs other than Franke Blefa?

No, North Keg prides itself on the quality of kegs we lease to our customers – for that reason we solely lease Franke kegs.  

What can I put in the kegs?

Beer, Wine, Cider, Soft Drinks, Mixed Drinks.

What are the main features of Franke Blefa kegs?

– 100% taste neutrality and UV protection

– Full Stainless Steel

– Highest quality brand representation through our silk screen branding

– Integrated burst disc

– Double welded neck

– Continuous welding seam at top and bottom chimb with shoulder protection

What does Franke Blefa do to ensure environmental sustainability?

– 100% recycling.

– Metal Saves CO2, water and energy.

– Life cycle analysis proves better than one way after 20 keg cycles.




If you still have unanswered questions please give us a call at (289) 681-2179 or send an email to sales@northkeg.com




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